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Did you know that over 175,000 volunteer hours have been logged over the past three years? Congratulations UT students and thank you for your service!

Please use the fields below to enter in your service & volunteer hours. These include forms of community service & volunteerism that occur both on and off campus and may include tutoring, volunteering at a hospital, animal shelter, childcare facility, or other educational and non-profit agencies. Our office defines community service as "action taken to meet the needs of others and to better the community as a whole" (Campus Compact, 1998). Trackable hours do not include leadership positions held within organizations or campus departments.

Please complete the tracking tool each time per day served. Please note: volunteer hours logged more than one month past the date of service will not be collected and the only method of collection supported by the Center for Leadership & Service is via this online database. Please login to the system to make any edits to your hours served. Please also contact if you logged any hours prior to August 1, 2015 that are not present on your dashboard. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but can manually verify and enter those hours on your behalf if they were entered into our previous system.

Students with 100 confirmed, logged hours prior to graduation will receive a Service Medallion to wear during their commencement exercises, to commemorate their selfless service to our community. To request confirmation of your service hours or to request your Service Medallion distinction once your hours have totaled 100 or more please login using your netid and password and use the "request confirmation" button on your dashboard. All requests for service hour confirmations will be addressed within ten business days. Please note, requests for medallions must be received no later than three weeks prior to your commencement date, however we encourage students to submit these requests as soon as your hours are reached.

Student organization officers, faculty and staff seeking large group service confirmations should email with a class or organization roster in order to process your request. The roster should include student netIDs.

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